Zephyr Restaurant Sign

Client: Zephyr Restaurant, Pine Hill, NY Project: Highways Signs Description: Design and production of highway signs promoting a local restaurant

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Z Painting Sign

Client: Z Painting, Arkville, NY Project: Sign Description: Recreating and revising the client business card art for use as a sign

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Calico Rebel Sign

Client: Roxbury Wine and Spirit, Roxbury, NY Project: Sign Description: The café nave references the historical “Calico Indians” — residents who launched a local rebellion disguising themselves in calico garments.

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Picnic Sign

Client: Picnic, Margaretville, NY Project: Store Front Sign. Description: Layout and production of a hanging, custom die cut sign.

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Delaware & Ulster Railroad Signs…

Client: Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Arkville, NY Project: Attraction signs and billboards. Description: We developed a series of on-site signs and billboards for promotional purposes on behalf of this popular…

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Village of Arkville Banners

Arkville Business Group, Arkville, NY Project: Branding and community welcome banners. Description: Developed a slogan and a series of colorful banners to welcome people into the hamlet.

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Catskill Scenic Trail Signs

Client: Catskill Scenic Trail, Arkville, NY Project: Trail Signage. Description: We created a series of large signs to be mounted along the 26-mile Catskill Scenic Trail, that extends from the…

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Sign

Project: New directional signs. Description: Replace outdated signs with newer models utilizing the updated golf course logo. The signs on either end of the hamlet of Roxbury direct to motorists to…

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Jenkins’ Landscaping Sign

Client: Jenkins’ Landscaping, Margaretville, NY Project: Create a professional identity. Description: The owner of this established company was looking for on-site promotional signs, plus an updated image.

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