Tractor Series Art Calendar

Client: Lisbeth Firmin, Arkville, NY Project: Vintage Tractor Painting Calendar Description: Design and production of a promotional calendar for a rural painter

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Sluiter Agency, Inc.

Client: Sluiter Agency, Inc. Project: Sluiter Agency, Inc. is among the region’s oldest insurance companies. The owners were looking to overhaul a website that had become outdated. Description: Locust Grove…

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Catskill Watershed Corporation

Client: Catskill Watershed Corporation Project: A website providing a wide range of NYC watershed related resources and information to businesses and property owners. Description: The website has a wide, deep flowchart. The goal was to…

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Client: Catskill Watershed Corporation Project: A website offering watershed curriculum links and resources for educators of young students. Description: The goal was to create a website that was fun feeling, with clear, functional navigation…

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Delaware and Ulster Railroad

Client: Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Arkville, NY Project: Pop-up banners for travel trade shows. Description: Multiple banners are used to promote different tourism features of D&U.

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Inn at West Settlement

Client: Inn at West Settlement, NY Project: The owner of the Inn at West Settlement wanted a complete new website, complete with online booking capabilities. Description: We produced a modern,…

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Zephyr Restaurant Sign

Client: Zephyr Restaurant, Pine Hill, NY Project: Highways Signs Description: Design and production of highway signs promoting a local restaurant

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Z Painting Sign

Client: Z Painting, Arkville, NY Project: Sign Description: Recreating and revising the client business card art for use as a sign

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AMR Open Studios Brochure

Client: AMR Open Studios, Andes, Middletown and Roxbury, NY Project: Design update for a self guided art studio tour brochure. LGE also designed the collateral website. Description: To amortize costs, the project was expanded to cover…

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Calico Rebel Sign

Client: Roxbury Wine and Spirit, Roxbury, NY Project: Sign Description: The café nave references the historical “Calico Indians” — residents who launched a local rebellion disguising themselves in calico garments.

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Picnic Sign

Client: Picnic, Margaretville, NY Project: Store Front Sign. Description: Layout and production of a hanging, custom die cut sign.

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Alta Log Homes Brochure

Client: Alta Log Homes, Halcottsville, NY Project: Provide an overdue brochure update. Description: We took advantage of a nice supply of photos to capture the essence of Alta’s unique log…

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Beaverdam Builders Website

Client: Beaverdam Builders, Roxbury, NY Project: Create a website for one of the Catskill Region’s most respected builders. Description: We combined a nice selection of project photos with glowing testimonials…

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Logos & Tag Lines…

TAG LINES:   LOGOS   New logo to reflect the rebirth of the Belleayre Music Festival. The goal: to emphasize the beauty of the Catskill Mountain region location and the magic…

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Delaware & Ulster Railroad Signs…

Client: Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Arkville, NY Project: Attraction signs and billboards. Description: We developed a series of on-site signs and billboards for promotional purposes on behalf of this popular…

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Business News Releases

  Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties Weathers The Storm Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties has moved back into its Margaretville office space, after extensive repairs to overcome damage caused by Hurricane Irene.…

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Delaware & Ulster Railroad Brochure

Client: Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Arkville, NY Project: Annual update of brochure for tourist railroad. Description: The D&U alternates between rack cards and full brochures to promote its annual schedule and special…

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Log Home Lodging Brochure

Client: Log Home Lodging, Halcottsville, NY Project: Updating a basic brochure. Description: We produced a brochure that accurately conveys the fine accommodations offered by Log Home Lodging.

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Website

Client: Shephard Hills Golf Club, Roxbury, NY Project: Replace the existing site. Description: The goal was to provide a modern site, that was easy to navigate and provides a sense of…

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Ad

Client: Shephard Hills Golf Club, Roxbury, NY Project: Ad for Bridal Booklet Description: To let people know that the golf course is an ideal event location.

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Village of Arkville Banners

Arkville Business Group, Arkville, NY Project: Branding and community welcome banners. Description: Developed a slogan and a series of colorful banners to welcome people into the hamlet.

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Humorous Column

    If the hat doesn’t fit… OK, I’ll admit to not always being on the cutting edge of trendiness. So, when I do venture out of my self-imposed seclusion,…

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Catskill Solar Brochure

Client: Catskill Solar, Delhi, NY Project: Create a brochure for a new venture. Description: The owner was looking for a promotional piece that reflects the warmth of solar energy.

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Catskill Scenic Trail Signs

Client: Catskill Scenic Trail, Arkville, NY Project: Trail Signage. Description: We created a series of large signs to be mounted along the 26-mile Catskill Scenic Trail, that extends from the…

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Delaware & Ulster Railroad Website

Client: Delaware & Ulster Railroad, Arkville, NY Project: Develop a site for one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. Description: The D&U site is meant to echo the historic…

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Event Promotion

  Bob Marley’s Band The Original Wailers Brings Popular Reggae Tunes to Belleayre Highmount, NY — The Original Wailers, Bob Marley’s band that propelled the infectious beats of reggae music into…

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Roxbury General Store Card

Client: Roxbury General, Roxbury, NY Project: Produce a discount card for distribution at The Roxbury, a nearby boutique hotel. Description: The owner requested a piece that reflected the old-fashioned, yet…

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AMR Open Studios Brochure

Client: Andes, Margaretville, Roxbury Open Studios Tour, Margaretville, NY Project: Brochure for event promotion. Description: We were asked to produce a brochure showcasing the artists and routes of an annual…

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Rack Card

Client: Shephard Hills Golf Club, Roxbury, NY Project: General advertising rack card. Description: This colorful piece was designed to showcase an “under the radar” course beloved by those familiar with…

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Ads

Client: Shephard Hills Golf Club Ads Project: Attract participants to a summer instructional series. Description: Newspaper ads designed to promote a junior golf program.

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Jenkins’ Landscaping Sign

Client: Jenkins’ Landscaping, Margaretville, NY Project: Create a professional identity. Description: The owner of this established company was looking for on-site promotional signs, plus an updated image.

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Shephard Hills Golf Club Sign

Project: New directional signs. Description: Replace outdated signs with newer models utilizing the updated golf course logo. The signs on either end of the hamlet of Roxbury direct to motorists to…

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Reprise Sign

Client: Reprise, Margaretville, NY Project: A sign to designate a new men’s clothing store. Description: The owners wanted an old-world feel to help brand their Main Street store.

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Belleayre Music Festival Rack Cards…

Client: Belleayre Music Festival, Highmount, NY Project: Rack cards highlighting various promotions. Description: These cards were targeted to tour operators and the general public, highlighting concerts and special promotional offers.

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Oakley’s Sign

Client: Oakley’s Wood Fired Grill, Arkville, NY Project: Replace the restaurant’s outdated sign. Description: We created a new sign that highlights the addition of a wood-fired grill at this popular…

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Titan Drilling Brochure

Client: Titan Drilling Corporation, Arkville, NY Project: Brochure update. Description: We modernized this brochure for one of the area’s largest drilling companies.

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Catskill Recreation Center Sign

Client: Catskill Recreation Center, Arkville, NY Project: Sign for a brand new recreation facility. Description: This sign provides a low-key marker near the entry to the Catskill Recreation Center in…

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Pakatakan Motel Sign

Client: Pakatakan Motel Project: Update a directional sign. Description: We created a sign with a “retro” feel to help capture the era of this family-run operation in Arkville.

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Catskill Solar Sign

Client: Catskill Solar, Delhi, NY Project: Signs for job sites. Description: We created lawn signs that make it easy for passersby to identify the company responsible for solar installations.

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Crazy River Cafe & Deli Sign

Client: Crazy River Café & Deli, Margaretville, NY Project: Attract Route 28 customers to an upcoming dining location. Description: Utilizing panels of Coroplast, which doesn’t have the wrinkled appearance of…

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Home Good of Margaretville Ads

Client: Home Goods of Margaretville, Margaretville, NY Project: General promotional ads. Description: Part of branding campaign for a longtime area store under new ownership at a new location.  

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Community Pantry Sign

Client: The Community Pantry, Arkville, NY Project: Create an on-premises sign. Description: Organizers were looking for a simple, yet catchy, sign to identify their location.  

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Beaverdam Builders Sign

Client: Beaverdam Builders, Roxbury, NY Project: Job site signs. Description: The owner was seeking signs to utilize at job sites, identifying the contracting company.

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Sluiter Agency Ad

Client: Sluiter Agency, Inc., Margaretville, NY Project: Ad for local telephone directory. Description: This as was designed to convey a “neighborhood” feeling of a locally owned insurance agency.

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Old Bat Factory Ad

Client: McIntosh Auction Service, Margaretville, NY Project: Promotional event ad. Description: This was part of a series of local newspaper ads publicizing the auction of a large commercial property.

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Pakatakan Farmers’ Market Website

Client: Pakatakan Farmers’ Market, Halcottsville, NY Project: To create a site that highlights the weekly market and its vendors. Description: The site gives a glimpse of this very popular market,…

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Fleischmanns Website

Client: Village of Fleischmanns, Fleischmanns, NY Project: Create a site to provide information and updates on village activities. Description: Working closely with village officials, we built a site that provides…

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Middletown Website

Client: Town of Middletown, Margaretville, NY Project: To put the town online for the first time. Description: This municipal site is designed as a one-stop place to obtain just about…

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Home Goods of Margaretville Website

Client: Home Goods of Margaretville, Margaretville, NY Project: To revamp the website for this popular kitchen and home store to a new Responsive site, suitable to mobile devises, blogging and social…

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Pakatakan Motel Website

Client: Pakatakan Motel, Arkville, NY Project: To give this family-run operation a web presence. Description: The Pakatakan Motel has a 1960s vibe and this the feeling we tried to provide.…

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Dubben Brothers Website

Client: Dubben Brothers Inc., Delhi, NY Project: To showcase the plumbing and heating services offered. Description: This company offers state-of-the-art equipment, but there’s also a nod to the company’s roots,…

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Frost Valley YMCA Ads…

Client: Frost Valley YMCA, Claryville, NY Project: Newspaper and magazine ads for one of the country’s largest YMCAs. Description: Part of a series of ads to promote summer camp, environmental…

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Mountain Flame Brochure

Client: Mountain Flame Inc., Arkville, NY Project: Multi-page booklet. Description: This piece promotes the variety of interesting, high-end soapstone fireplaces that the company builds and distributes.

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Ski the Catskills Brochure

Client: Ski the Catskills, Arkville, NY Project: Regional promotional brochure. Description: This organization was a means of cooperatively promoting the Catskill Region’s many skiing and snowboarding opportunities, along with lodging,…

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LOCUST GROVE was founded in 1988 to provide advertising and marketing services. We’ve done that very successfully for a wide variety of clients. From smaller jobs such as producing business cards…

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Locust Grove has produced marketing campaigns for many successful ventures including the year-round activities at Frost Valley YMCA (one of the country’s largest “Y” facilities), the Belleayre Music Festival in Highmount (one of the…

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Locust Grove is uniquely positioned to assist clients. An extensive knowledge of the Catskill Region and significant “downstate” contacts make it possible for us to promote your business both locally or…

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To view websites by Locust Grove Enterprises visit our portfolio and click the “Websites” menu header

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